Fabulous EV6 site for reviews

This web site by The Car Expert has their own review plus a summary (and links) to over 20 other reviews. All UK but very thorough.

Full site here.

From their summary……Reviews of the EV6 have been universally positive, the car earning very high praise. Auto Express describes it as “a little sportier and more dynamic” than its Ioniq sister; “the styling sets the tone with a swoopier, curvier look to its profile.”

The Sun, however, argues that the EV6 is a “little more normal” than the Ioniq but adds “it does north of 300 miles between charges, drives well and has all the toys and luxury you would expect from a car at that price.”

For quite a large electric car, the EV6 is also quite sporty; “It really is excellent at dealing with those junction pull-aways and gap-threading,” says Top Gear, adding “it’s also quiet, calm and relaxing.”    

The electric-specific platform liberates more interior space but reviewers also like the design inside, especially the curved instrument panel. “It looks very smart, with as many interesting touches as the exterior,” says Carbuyer.

More ticked boxes for the standard-fit ultra-fast recharging capability. “Nothing in this price range can get close to its recharging speeds, that will overshadow everything else when you are on a journey in a hurry,” says Electrifying.com.

As of January 2022, Kia EV6 currently holds an Expert Rating of 84% from 24 reviews. Being an all-new model, there are still new reviews being published regularly so this rating may shift – either up or down – over the coming months.


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